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Useful Tips to Clean Leather Sandals

Cleaning your leather sandals is crucial to make them long-lasting. And, if you love to keep the nicer things, it’s essential to take great care of them. Knowing how to clean leather sandals is the best course of action to ensure that you keep them shiny, spotless, and odor-free.

Since leather holds some unique properties, we cannot clean our leather sandals like the sandals rendered in other materials. We need to adopt useful techniques that make our sandals durable as well as brand new.

Here are some useful tips to clean leather sandals to make them last:

Proper Maintenance is the Key

In order to give a new look to your leather sandals, proper maintenance should be considered in your cleaning practices. The better maintenance you do for the sandals, the less time will require for cleaning. If you don’t know how to do proper maintenance for the specific sandals, it’s better to head over to the brand’s websites to know about the key specifications of men’s footwear.

There is a wide variety of leather care shoe sprays and conditioners available out there. Such cleaning supplies should be utilized in your regular maintenance regimen. This will definitely help in making your leather sandals look exceptionally pristine.  

Apart from these cleaning tips, make sure to keep your leather sandals dry and dirt-free as much as possible. If you go to damp places, your sandals may get wet. In this case, let your shoes air dry at room temperature before wearing them again.

Spot Cleaning

Your leather sandals might get suffered from marks and spots. Instead of cleaning the entire sandal, it is recommended to clean the spots where required. Spot cleaning is necessary to prevent wear and tear issues that may occur due to vigorous cleaning of the entire leather sandal.

Tip: For spot cleaning, take a soft cloth and make it damp just a bit. Then, take a small amount of leather conditioner and apply it to the soft wet cloth. Gently clean the spots from the leather. Do not rub the cloth on your leather sandals to avoid spreading dirt.

Use a Soft Brush

This technique is useful when your leather sandals require more than a spot cleaning. This is the most effective and doable cleaning tip. To apply this technique, take a soft bristle shoe brush and gently swipe it on the upper material of the sandal, buckles of the sandals, and the back straps. Don’t forget to brush the inner lining of the sandals to clean the dust.

The last part is to clean the bottom of the sandals. It is suggested to clean your leather sandals with a brush after walking around in sand or mud. If the mud is damp, let it dry first and then remove the dirt from the outsole.

Apply a Liquid Cleaner

A soft cloth or a brush is only effective when your sandals need minor cleaning. In case of deep cleaning, you need to consider buying some effective shoe cleaners. A number of shoe conditioners and cleaners are easily available in the market that helps prevent dirt and keep your sandals in their original condition.

Tip: Put a few drops of shoe cleaner on a soft dry cloth and gently apply it to your sandals. To wipe off the cleaner, use a wet soft cloth and rub it gently on the upper of the sandals. Once the liquid cleaner is removed, leave the leather sandals to air dry in an open space.

Your leather sandals are spectacular. Learning how to clean leather sandals and keep them dirt-free is significant to make them look brand new in the longer run.