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The Ultimate Loafer Shoe Guide for Men

In the series of men’s shoes, we have recently presented a guide to effortless sneakers, which are ideal for achieving a casual chic look. In this article, we will guide you on what exactly is a loafer, its characteristics, and its different designs.

Before we dive into a variety of loafer styles, let’s discuss a few characteristics of best loafers for men that distinguish this type of shoes from other slip-on designs.

Characteristics of Loafers

  • Loafers are without laces, they are easy-to-wear slip-on shoes
  • Loafers fall in the ‘low shoe’ category since the ankle is exposed and the shoe doesn’t offer warmth and coziness around it
  • The outsoles are separate from their uppers
  • Some loafers consist of heels such as penny and kiltie loafers
  • The upper vamp has a moccasin-like appearance


From the above characteristics, you can apprehend the similarities between driving moccasins and loafers. However, some major differences are as follows:

  • All loafers have separate outsoles
  • Loafers feature a defined heel. On the other hand, moccasins do not have defined heels
  • Unlike moccasins, loafers do not accentuate with embroideries and other embellishments around the uppers.


Suede Loafer

Comfortable, modish, and luxurious, these suede loafers deliver straightforward elegance with endurance at the same time. This stylish easy-to-wear slip-on is formulated with a pure cow suede upper for added luxury. A beautiful strap detailing makes this design an exquisite pair. Typically, suede loafers are frequently offered in dark colors such as navy blue, maroon, dark brown, burgundy. You can rock your look with a highly-trendy ‘Bordeaux’ colored loafer, ideal for moonlit occasions. Undoubtedly, this type of loafer remains versatile and absolutely fascinating.

Type: Casual/Semi-formal

Style: Horizontal strap detailing across the vamp

Everyday Wear: Yes

Season: All


Tassel Loafer

This type of shoe was discovered when an actor named Paul Lukas requested a famous shoe company to combine a tassel with a slip-on loafer. So, there you go! The tassel loafers were born. There are several styles available in tassel loafers but no wardrobe is complete without this graceful pair of loafers. Simple yet trendy, constructed with milled leather upper and leather lining for extra comfort. It is highlighted with a tassel tied up with a buckle. This loafer exudes a European sensibility and delivers contemporary sartorial flair.

Type: Casual/Semi-Formal

Style: Tassel tied up with a buckle across the vamp

Everyday Wear: Yes

Season: All (preferably Autumn, Summer)


Driving Loafer

This driving loafer adds a high level of flexibility and resistance with its robust TPR outsole. This loafer is a must-have style in every gent’s wardrobe with its casual and finest look. If you are searching for a nice pair of loafers to leave by the front door for when you need to run an errand, opt for this slip-on. This kind of shoe is super comfortable as it provides the strong road grip you need while carving up the countryside in your favorite jeep.

Type: Casual

Style: Decorative perforations across the vamp, accents of stitching around the toe-cap

Everyday Wear: Yes

Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn



Want to adorn yourself for evening soirees? Consider these aesthetic slip-on shoes and achieve an elegant and charming look. This loafer gets down to all the jazz with a smooth and luxurious upper designed with natural cow leather and suede. For a more casual look, it is recommended to avoid leather loafers for men and opt for a suede loafer. However, you will be able to coordinate these loafers with a formal dress or pair of shorts since it is constructed with a fusion of leather and suede.

Type: Casual/Formal

Style: Fusion of Suede and Leather with subtle perforations

Everyday Wear: No

Season: All