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The Most Popular Types of Women Handbags

Women are huge fans of fashion and modern trends, which is why they want to appear different every time they step out for any occasion. These days, there is a wide range of exquisite designs in women's handbags available, like clutches, framed bags, cross bodies, handhelds, wallets, bucket bags, envelop bags, etc. However, it is suggested that you select the right bag type that meets your needs as well as complements your personal style.

The selection of bags entirely depends on what you wear to a particular event. And, Yes! Your mood also matters a lot, which describes your day-to-day preferences or pickings. In order to rock your events, women carry different bags.

Whether it’s a festivity, an evening soiree, an intimate wedding, a business lunch, or a boardroom meeting, bags are different for different settings. Moreover, this fashion accessory can’t be skipped because it’s important for women to carry their essentials on a daily basis. In this article, we’ll talk about the most popular and best bags for women that can transform your overall personality in no time.

  • Tote Women Handbags
  • Framed Women Handbags
  • Wallets For Men
  • Cross-Body Women Handbags
  • Clutch Women Bags

Tote Women Handbags

Women love to carry all the essentials on a daily basis, especially when they are heading to their workplaces. These essentials must consist of house keys, wallets, makeup pouches, chargers, notepads, and sometimes laptops as well. All these things can be kept together if you have a large, spacious bag. For this reason, a tote bag is very practical.

This type of bag has a large compartment, so you can carry almost everything you want. Women tote bags are stylish and durable, making them ideal for workplaces, long trips, shopping, and traveling.

Framed Women Handbags

Framed bags exude the elegant and sophisticated vibes that an elite woman carries. This alluring type of bag defines the personality with its sturdy frame that stands straight without bending. This bag is appropriate for ladies who like to carry delicate things such as compact kits, lipsticks, gadgets, and perfumes.

Framed bags can be styled with a range of outfits, including co-ord sets, power suits, blazers, skirts, party dresses, etc. Such bags usually come with top handles to be held in the hands. Framed bags are also known as handheld bags.

Wallets For Women

Even women who dislike carrying bags carry wallets. Every sort of women's bag includes a separate wallet inside of it. Women adore keeping their cash and cards organized and easily accessible in their bags. Women wallets are often compact and thin, so they are easy to hold in your hands.

When buying them, women may find it difficult to decide on the colors, textures, and sizes. The simple way is to choose neutral colors such as tan, burgundy, brown, and black.

Cross-body Women Handbags

Cross-body bags are versatile and stylish. These bags don’t need any maintenance since they get fixed on the shoulder and across the body. While running errands, women don’t like to consistently hold the bag in their hands; they prefer cross-body bags. In addition, these bags are ideal to carry at concerts and musical festivities so that your hands will be free for drinks and snacks.

Cross-body bags usually feature lock enclosures and long straps made of leather or chains. This type of bag can be styled perfectly with your summer floral dresses.

Clutch Women Handbags

Clutch bags are also known as evening bags and are used for formal occasions, including weddings, family get-togethers, parties, and social celebrations. These days, semi-formal and casual clutch bags are also available on the market.

Some clutch bags come with removable chains or straps, so you can carry them in your hands or on your shoulders depending on your preference or ensemble. Fancy clutch bags are usually embellished with pearls, diamantes, stones, embroidery, motifs, and brooches.


The aforementioned are some of the most favored and well-liked ladies bags in Pakistan. Women's purchasing decisions might be influenced by a variety of factors, including the size, color, and material of the bags. Check out the variety of bags offered by Glanz at their physical and online stores, and let us know which one is your favorite.

We have a wide range of fabulous and elegant designs in women's bags, perfect for a number of occasions. We have totes, crossbodies, clutch bags, pouches, envelop bags, and wallets in a variety of designs and colors. So, get ready to elevate your style with our amazing women's handbags.