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How to Style: Stylish Yet Comfortable Women Athleisure Shoes

Sweatshirts, tracksuits, and yoga trousers are no longer just for the gym or sporting activities. Athleisure is one of the greatest and most popular fashion trends nowadays for both men and women. These revolutionary shoes are not only functional and comfortable but also exude unbeatable uber-chic vibes. Fashionable women's athleisure shoes can definitely add life to your go-to outfits if styled appropriately.

With the on-going athleisure trend, you can put together an easy-to-wear outfit for your morning workout, running errands, and brunch dates and hangouts without having to change.

In this article, we're highlighting the best athleisure shoes and outfits that anyone can wear, whether you're new to the trend or currently live in your sweatpants.


Trendy and gorgeous, this easy-to-slip-on athleisure piece is versatile and can be worn with a number of outfits. Nirvana is a beautiful athleisure piece, designed with a fly-knit and Lycra upper for maximum breathability and comfort. This two-colorway slip-on design comes with rubberized EVA in-socks that offer arch support and cushioning all day. The double-colored outsole is made with EVA, further finished with TPR for maximum road grip. Nirvana is appropriate for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.

You can style these comfy shoes to achieve a cohesive look. Try pairing blue Nirvana joggers with a long cardigan in a rust shade. This will create a rock-chic look for summer. Whether you are going to work or simply enjoying a laid-back weekend, this look is perfect for all occasions. In addition, this hip style is easy to slip on no matter where you go.


If you want to experience irresistible comfort, Olga is the ideal athleisure piece. These super-breathable women's athleisure shoes are rendered in 3D mesh and Lycra. You can achieve a great arch-support and bounce feeling with its EVA rubberized in-socks. For a fabulous touch, these slip-on sneakers are finished with a painted welt. Moreover, an EVA outsole is specifically designed to provide you with a strong road grip. This stylish design is ideal for lace-adverse sportswomen. 

Want to upgrade your sporty look? Try tying your pink-hued sweatshirt's bottom in a knot. This will give the athleisure trend a distinctive, noticeable touch. Wear your black athletic tights, and then finish off your look with our pink Olga slip-on sneakers to get you moving.


Power up your spirit with these hip and chic athleisure shoes for women. This new arrival piece is meticulously constructed with fly knitted and Lycra upper for maximum breathability and comfort. The lining is made with Lycra material for cushioning and relief. Margherita is infused with soft, rubberized EVA in-socks that offer arch support and shock absorption. Get a strong road grip with its EVA outsole. 

The timeless hoodie pullover sweatshirt will help you achieve a sporty appearance. Use a striking neon green color with a black tank top to add an oomph factor to your attire. For bottoms, you can use an ash grey sweatpants or trouser. The ideal addition is the neon-colored Margherita athleisure that will complete this look for brunches, picnics, and hangouts. This high-quality winter sneaker for women elevates the style and can be dressed up or down.


Eleanora is the epitome of understated charm and elegance. This beautiful and uber-chic design is constructed with an amalgamation of fly knit and Lycra upper. These light-weight and super-cushioned sports shoes are infused with EVA rubberized in-socks for added comfort and breathability. The outsole is made with a fusion of EVA and TPR for flexibility, bounce, and maximum road grip. Eleanora is a versatile athleisure piece that is available in three tranquil shades: baby pink, light peach, and turquoise.

This pretty pair can be paired with almost everything in your wardrobe. Whether its summer or winter, you can wear this comfort to achieve a number of looks. Get a pure feminine look by pairing pink Eleanora joggers with a white flared dress highlighted with a pink floral print. Accessorize your outfit with a textured or inter-knotted pink handheld mini bag and you’re all set to steal the hearts.

You can also achieve an enchanting look for brunches and outdoor meetings by simply coordinating Glanz peach Eleanora athleisure shoes with a peach blazer, white flared chinos, and a grey tank top. This chic appearance is also great for evening soirees, formal dinners, and intimate gatherings.

Now that you’ve mastered the athleisure look, check out other styles that can transition you through your day. We’ve picked out the accessories that will help you adorn your outfits for multiple occasions, including brunch dates, weddings, intimate gatherings, tours, business meetings, hangouts, and errands. Check out How to Carry Women's Handbags with Style.