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Style Guide: How to Wear High Ankle Shoes for Men

Do you want to spice up your smart-casual wardrobe with some exotic styles? Or do you need striking casual footwear to rock your casual look?

If the answer is "yes,", then you need to understand how to perfectly style men’s high-ankle shoes. Incorporating appropriate styles into your look is the key. Moreover, winter gives you the best opportunity to achieve a number of uber-chic wintry looks if you already adore men’s boots. So, continue reading and find out how to pair these top three pairs of men's ankle shoes with your wardrobe:

Try the Chelsea Boot

Chelsea boots are great winter high ankle shoes that first gained popularity in the 1960s. In addition to being attractive and available in a range of leather tones from a deep burnt brown to a black coal, these boots are also extremely comfortable.

Chelsea Boots For Men

This is due to the fact that the Chelsea boot is popular for having a soft, elastic side panel that contributes to a chic, sophisticated, yet versatile appeal. It's the ideal way to give your dressed-up appearance a sleek, contemporary feel.

Slip on the Chukka Boot

The Chukka boot had its stylish debut in the 1940s as the pinnacle of casual clothing, and it is currently having a moment in men's casual attire. These boots were originally designed with soft and luxurious cow suede material with no more than three eyelets.

These timeless high ankle shoes for men go perfectly with your casual attire, which includes straight-fitting, skinny jeans, sweaters, leather jackets, and a blazer.

Don’t Forget Your Lace Up Boots

Lace-up boots are versatile shoes that you may wear when you're out on an adventure or with more laid-back summer attire. They are no longer just for hardcore athletes or mountain climbers. For the ideal summer outfit, wear hiking boots with a checkered shirt and a pair of shorts.

For the ideal "mountain guy" style in the winter, wear them with a beautiful pair of corduroys and a warm sweater.

Chelsea Boot with Business Casual Outfits

Attend your boardroom meetings in style with a pair of light brown Chelsea boots with white semi-formal pants, a high-neck sweatshirt, and a long coat in camel shade. If you are going on a business trip, wear black Chelsea boots with blue jeans, a button-down shirt, a grey muffler, and a textured monochrome blazer.

Chelsea Boot with Casual Outfits

Whether you’re running an errand or having a brunch date in the winters, simply pair your dark brown Chelsea boot with faded light-grey ripped jeans, a charcoal grey crew neck shirt and a navy blazer. A white button-down shirt with black narrow jeans can also rock your summer casual look.

Chukka Boot with Smart Casual Outfits

Sort your evening looks with a pair of brown-colored leather chukkas, neutral jeans, a black striped sweatshirt, and a black woolen coat. Accessorize your outfit with a statement watch designed with a brown crocodile strap for a debonair look.

A pair of camel-colored suede chukkas coordinated with blue jeans, a brown winter coat, and a black sweatshirt will also create a smart rock-chic look for hangouts and evening soirees.

Chukka Boot with Formal Attire

Chukka boots can also be worn to intimate gatherings and weddings. Make heads turn your way by coordinating burnished burgundy leather chukkas with a beige formal suit and a maroon formal shirt.

Don’t forget to opt for a burgundy leather belt to finish off your look. This stunning formal look is also appropriate for moonlit occasions.

Chukka Boot with Street Style Outfits

Wearing your leather chukkas with casual outfits will be a sure bet too. For a striking street-style look, style your brown chukkas with a checkered shirt, charcoal black jeans, and a sheep collar jacket. Complete your look with a spikey hairstyle and black sunglasses.

Lace up Boots with Smart Casual Attire

Lace-up boots can go well with your workwear ensembles and even party outfits. For a simple office wear look, pair your dark brown lace-ups with light brown semi-formal pants, an espresso button-down shirt tucked in, and a dark brown belt.

For social celebrations, why not coordinate your black lace-up high ankles with an entirely black outfit? Just wear them with a V-neck black shirt, black jeans, and a black long coat for a head-turning effect.

Are You Ready to Buy Your High-Ankle Shoes?

It is highly recommended to incorporate these three boot designs into your wardrobe to achieve three distinct looks: a sleek, modern touch to your work outfit with the Chelsea boot; a plush, comfy look with the Chukka boot; and a tough, versatile look with the classic lace-up boot.

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