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Sandals for Men: How to Style Men’s Sandals?

Men sandals can be a touchy topic as most of the men are quite conscious about their thongs, flip flops, and sandals. The main reason for this mindfulness is because of a higher level of comfort and extra grip that men sandals exude. These days, guys have been more inclined towards open-toed shoes to embrace a slighter version of street style fashion.

At the beginning of the voyage of men’s footwear, there is a category of men’s sandals. In this article, we will enlighten everything about sandals: types of sandals, how to wear them, and where to wear them. So, let's have a look at our men’s ultimate guide on wearing sandals.

Men’s Sandals

The sandal is definitely a primary shoe in men’s footwear category. Typically, sandals have back straps and an openwork upper. The straps can cover all the way around the ankle which look uber-chic on women, but more functional on guys. Since sandals radiate comfort and strong road grip, they are perfect for guys who love camping, dads who like fishing, or anybody who wants to rock the pool parties and beaches.

Men’s Slides

Slides are types of sandals, just close to slippers. These open-back and open-toed shoes are super comfortable and are ideal for daily wear. Most of the stylish, high-quality sandals are considered as slides. Over the last few years, sandals have become incredibly popular and you might have seen them in catwalks and runways. You can wear them to the gym, at the pool, or running errands.

Thongs – A Must-have Footwear

Thongs are kind of sandals, they are not slides. Thongs don’t really need a strap or buckle on the upper material. They are usually much affordable than high-end men’s sandals. Some leather thongs can be worn in a dressier way, such as shorts, tees, and pajamas. Avoid pairing thongs with jeans, chino pants, polos or any type of casual wear. Thongs are ideal for beaches and barbecue feasts.

Men Sandals - Styling Tips

How you dress up men’s sandals depend on the style. For instance, sporty sandals go perfect with activewear, fitness shorts, boxers, t-shirts, and boardshorts. With a range of men’s sandals out there, you can adopt an ideal casual style for summer. If you want to go for something more fashionable, consider leather sandals. These sandals can be worn under formal shorts, chino pants, t-shirts, and denim shorts. Sandals like thongs are the perfect choice for summer. You can wear them beneath cotton shorts and crew neck tees.

When to Wear Sandals?

Sandals offer versatility in styling and are suitable for a number of occasions and settings. You can pick them for picnics and beach soirees. In addition, you can opt for a nice pair of slides that are appropriate for barbecues, hangouts, running errands as well as garden parties. Avoid wearing sandals at weddings, formal events, get-togethers and workplaces (with strict dress codes). As a thumb rule, make sure to do not wear sandals anywhere you would be worried about people’s critics.