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How to Style Athleisure Shoes Like A Pro

These days, athleisure shoes are known as the most popular menswear trend. What exactly is the term "athleisure"? Well, it’s an amalgamation of athleisure wear and leisure wear. The sneaker obsession is the most prominent athleisure fad right now. The idea centers on a relaxed, casual, yet stylish and edgy appearance.

Whether it be the hip celebrity styles we see or an influencer's street style appearance, this athleisure trend is here to stay for ages. However, styling your sporty shoes is not as easy as it looks. It’s quite challenging to replicate the effortlessness of a well-styled look.

No worries! We are here to assist you with how to perfectly style athleisure shoes for men to achieve an exceptional outdoor look. In this article, we’ll not only discuss the styling tips but also many fashion faux pas that most gents make. So, let’s get started!

Avoid Wearing Skinny Fits

As we mentioned earlier, athleisure is all about relaxed fashion. You don’t need to put on tight and skinny pants or jeans to make yourself uncomfortable. You need to understand the purpose of athleisure, which is "getting a more polished appearance while experiencing comfort no matter wherever you go". All you need to stick to anything between slim and oversized silhouettes and you’ll be sorted. You can style a nice pair of athleisure shoes with loose trousers and a loose top that you wear before or after exercising.

Mix and Match Athleisure Shoes

The basic idea of this trend is to mix and match some sporty gear with your everyday clothing. You can perfectly do this by using statement athleisure outfits. A bomber jacket, joggers, chunky sneakers or trainers, and caps are a few examples. Your outfit will be finished even if you only combine one of these pieces with your typical casual attire.

Layering is Worthwhile

When everything else fails, simply arrange some complementing pieces on top of one another. We are aware of your thoughts. In the summer, layering is utterly useless. Not if you pick the appropriate pieces, that is. Choose from various summer jackets made of cotton and linen, or even boldly designed shirts that may be worn as a jacket over a simple t-shirt. You can finish up by adding some sports accessories, such as a cap.

Layering your athleisure pieces during winters season is not a hassle. You can simply coordinate your jackets, sweatshirts, and singlets with legwarmers and track pants, and voila!  

Purchase Quality Sneakers

The epitome of the athleisure trend and the definitive response to the question of "how to style athleisure" are sneakers. It is highly recommended to get your hands on a statement sneakers to get your half-task done. A quality pair of sneakers can effortlessly transform any attire into a sporty look. They literally go with all of your casual and semi-formal outfits, whether you choose to wear them with basic jeans and a t-shirt, chinos, jogging suits, or even a short kurta.

At Glanz, you can choose from an array of high-quality and breathable sneakers for men that are constructed with high-tech materials. These sneakers are infused with athletic in-socks that offer shock-absorption and super-cushioning. The outsoles are rendered in TPR to provide ultimate road grip and flexibility all day long. The midsoles are crafted with arch-support technology that adjusts according to the anatomy of the feet. Soft cotton laces offer durability and luxury.

Limit Your Use of Loud Prints

Of course, prints are a fantastic way to upgrade any outfit. But when styling athleisure outfits, stick with simple and delicate designs. Avoid dressing in too many printed items. Even while print on print is a terrific trend and is equally popular right now, styling it can be a little challenging. If executed improperly, it can quickly make any appearance a little too busy. Therefore, it's advisable to start out with simple prints. Once you feel more confident and have a better grasp of your style, you can experiment with more prints.

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Invest in Hybrid Athleisure Shoes

Athleisure-holics are looking for functional footwear designs that incorporate the ergonomic features of contemporary athletic wear, so manufacturers are coming up with interesting hybrids that blend fashion and comfort. This progression highlights the Millennial desire to invest in a single item of high-quality craftsmanship that is guaranteed to last and that is suitable for a variety of activities. Thus, hybrid athleisure shoes would be a worthwhile investment. Whether it’s a social celebration, festivities, get-to-gathers, brunches, hangouts, errands, or outdoor activities, these multi-functional shoes can change your life.


One of the biggest fashion trends right now is athleisure. We hope that this advice will enable you to succeed in the fashion game of athleisure each time! These kinds of basic fashion hints can really make a difference.