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An Ultimate Guide on Men’s Casual Shoes

There is a huge, wonderful globe of men’s casual footwear out there but do men know how to style them appropriately? Our research tells us that some do, but some need a little guidance. In this article, we are taking you to the world of fantastic casual shoes. Also, we will give definitive guidance on how to wear them.

Due to a huge preference for casual dressing in different settings such as soirees, festivities, and informal events, casual shoes have become a great choice for every man. An appropriate dressing is a serious matter, and the wrong selection of shoes can take you to the worst-dressed list.

You might think that it’s literally hard to go wrong with casual shoes as they are casual for a reason and there is no rocket science of styling them, right? Well, you think wrong! With the emerging popularity and vast range of men’s casual footwear, there is a plethora of designs and choices available and it can be overwhelming for men to select the correct one for the right occasion.

So, in order to achieve the right look, it’s is significant to know about a range of casual shoes for men. Let’s have a look!


There is no doubt that sandals are the popular choice for men. You can style them with an array of outfits including chino pants, tees, jeans, tanks, shorts and so forth. Since sandals are considered as the most casual shoes than the rest so they cannot be worn all over the place.


  • Hangouts
  • Running errands
  • Social events/celebrations


For a particular span, men’s slippers were out of fashion but now they are back with a giant variety. We can now see them on catwalks again, as well as in various clothing and shoe stores. Slippers are suitable for summers as they are cool and super comfortable. You can pair them up with shorts and tees.


  • Running errands
  • Beach/pool


This category offers the most versatility in fashion. Typically, loafers are constructed in leather or suede material. Leather-made loafers fall under the formal category because of their sophisticated and graceful looks. Whereas suede loafers give more casual and alfresco vibes.  The best thing about loafers is that they can be worn on a number of occasions.


  • Workplaces
  • Evening soirees
  • Social celebrations
  • Dinner/lunch dates


This is the most wanted footwear type that falls in the casual category. Your wardrobe is incomplete without a nice pair of sneakers.

Sneakers are the perfect choice to elevate your style. They are super comfortable and go well with a variety of outfits including semi-formal shirts, chinos, polo shirts, tees, denim, shorts, and blazers, and jackets.


  • Hangouts
  • Social events
  • Long walks
  • Parties
  • Workplaces (with no strict dress codes)


Casual shoes can suffer more from wear and tear issues as compared to formal shoes. That is why it is suggested to invest in the right brand that offers extraordinary durable and comfortable men’s casual shoes.

We hope this guide helped you a lot in deciding on the perfect casual styling!