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A Man’s Guide on Wearing Sandals

Men’s sandals, a kind of footwear that is greatly known for comfort, ease, and relaxation. Pairing up sandals with casual outfits could be the ideal solution for summer fashion. However, some men might be unaware of how to style sandals perfectly. It is crucial to understand the basic guidelines to avoid mistakes. Moreover, it’s also important to look for the body type, style, and age.

Sandals cannot be worn with formal outfits but with the appropriate outfits, men’s sandals offer versatility. There is one essential point that needs to ponder and that is; do not wear socks with sandals! Because we are not runway models. 

So, continue scrolling and understand how you can add an oomph factor to your look by pairing your sandals with the outfits that are already hanged up in your closet.

Sandals with Shorts

Sandals with shorts make an ideal combination in summer. This style is perfect for casual summer events such as barbecues, beach/pool parties, etc. You can style up your sandals with shorts of any length, depending upon your preferences. You can wear men’s leather sandals with Bermuda shorts. In addition, you can consider flip-flops sandals for light-weight cotton or denim shorts. To achieve a sporty look, you can try on strappy sandals that are super comfortable and resilient.

Sandals with Jeans

There is no need to give up your summer look when the weather is cloudy in summer. You can have your stylish sandals pairing up with some trendy long pants. During the day, wear faded ripped jeans with leather sandals, or a white tee with a choice of cotton pants. If you are lean and want to show off your ankles, pair your sandals with cropped trousers. This will definitely transform your usual style into an ultra-chic look.

Sandals with Trousers

Perfectly designed sandals can never go wrong with trousers. You can incredibly style your sandals with slim-fit trousers for a casual yet striking look. Make sure that the hem of your trouser ends 1 inch or above the sandals for a smart style.

Leather Sandals – A Great Addition to Your Wardrobe

No wardrobe is complete without a classic pair of leather sandals. This is the most versatile and elegant type of men’s sandals that goes perfectly with a range of outfits. A wide variety of leather sandals are available out there including gladiator sandals, Birkenstock sandals, Greek-style sandals and more.

A good Color Combination is a Key

In order to achieve an ideal look, it is imperative to pay careful attention while matching your sandals with outfits. If you are not good in the color game, then don’t take any risk. The easiest way is to go for neutral looks for matching sandals. Some enticing and common shades include blue, black, and brown. These colors are sophisticated yet elegant and can go with a range of outfits considering different styles and colors.

Final Thoughts

Pairing your sandals with trousers, tees, denim, and shorts is the best course of action to achieve a casual summer look. Furthermore, these open-toed men’s footwear will provide super-cushioning, road grip, and comfort all day long.