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6 Popular Different Types of Wallet for Men

When looking for the ideal wallet for men, there is a wide variety of quality and luxurious wallets available out there. Wallets come in many forms and styles. Before you invest your hard-earned money in any wallet, it’s essential to understand different types of wallet for men.

The following are some important considerations you should make while making a purchase at your preferred online retailer before hitting the "checkout" button.

Classic Bifold Wallet For Men

The bifold wallet is the standard type of wallet that most men usually use. This simple yet functional silhouette will let you easily carry your credit cards and cash without any hassle. A classic bifold wallet is the most popular and favorite of all wallet styles.

Classic Bifold Wallet For Men

The key selling point of a bifold wallet is that it is one of the more compact designs. When you have all your cards, cash, and receipts organized and can sit down without feeling like you are sitting on anything strange, a bifold wallet is a very useful and comfortable wallet for men. It can also be worn on a variety of events and simply looks amazing.

Trifold Wallet For Men

Similar to a bifold wallet, a trifold wallet has a traditional design that is primarily favored by men. This particular style of wallet has three compartments, as the name would imply. A trifold wallet would be the best option if you want to carry more cards than usual.

However, it is advised to avoid stuffing your trifold to the point that it bulges out and causes discomfort when you sit down for an extended period of time. Therefore, it's imperative to regularly clean your trifold wallet and take out any extra receipts or pieces of paper.

Hybrid Slim Wallet For Men

Although there are many other types of men’s wallets that have been around for a while, the new slim wallets are starting to gain popularity. Men love hybrid wallets due to their low-profile design. Moreover, the basic style of this wallet makes it ideal for those who prefer to keep all of their belongings safe and flat. The capacity of a hybrid slim wallet to hold cash may be a concern for some men.

Hybrid Slim Wallet For Men

Money Clip Wallet

Money clip wallet is perfect for those who live a simple lifestyle and only need to carry their essentials. This minimalistic wallet design is quite similar to a bi-fold wallet, but it doesn’t have a bill compartment. Money clip wallet features credit card slots that maintain its slim design. In addition, this type of wallet has a clip to hold your cash on the back or in the middle fold. 

Checkbook/ Breast Pocket Wallet For Men

If you are attending a particular occasion and you simply need a wallet to wow the crowd, this classic long checkbook wallet would be the ideal choice. Men who travel frequently should carry the checkbook wallet, also referred to as the breast pocket wallet. Checkbooks, passports, and any form of currency can all be stored in the checkbook wallet with ease.

Checkbook/ Breast Pocket Wallet For Men

For sports enthusiasts who wear suit jackets regularly, a checkbook wallet can be taken into consideration since it easily fits into the breast pocket while remaining flat. Moreover, if you are attending an intimate wedding or birthday party, you can simply put your cash envelops and other belongings into a checkbook wallet.

Coin Wallet with Card Slot

If you live in a country where coins are frequently used as currency, a coin wallet is appropriate. The division of card slots in coin wallets makes it quite easier to access cards, coins, or cash. We suggest choosing one with specific slots so you may be a little more organized and avoid having to dig through your essentials to make a payment.

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Wallet Care

In order to increase the lifespan of your expensive wallet, here are some useful tips to take great care of your wallet:

  • Don’t overstuff your wallet. Men usually make this common mistake, which can cause wear and tear issues.
  • Invest in a wallet that is specifically designed to carry all your essentials.
  • If you carry your passport, business cards, bills, and receipts on a daily basis, then you should go for a long checkbook or breast pocket wallet.
  • If you prefer the less-is-more approach to your lifestyle, you can simply choose a money clip or a hybrid wallet to organize your daily essentials.
  • Don’t carry unnecessary items such as old business cards, old receipts, expired membership cards, unused credit cards, and gift vouchers.
  • Keep your wallet away from the sun, water, and harsh chemicals.
  • If heavy rain causes your wallet to inadvertently become wet, wipe it down and let it air dry fully before using it. 

At Glanz, you can browse a wide range of leather wallets for men to suit your needs. From mid-sized to long wallets, we have a stylish and elegant selection all under one digital roof.