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5 Best Types of Shoes to Wear With Jeans

Jeans are the must-have fashion piece in every man’s wardrobe. This piece of clothing can either make or break your overall look. The right denim is the best investment when it comes to durability and style.

Whether it’s a laid-back weekend, a hangout, or a social celebration, jeans are probably the essential men’s bottoms you prefer to pick from your closet. No matter what the season is, cool jeans can create a rock-chic look if styled appropriately.

However, finding the right piece of denim can be challenging because of different body types and endless jean options. The most popular styles include slim-fit jeans, straight jeans, wide leg jeans, flared jeans, high-waisted jeans, low-waisted jeans, ripped jeans, baggy jeans, and more.

Types of Shoes For Men

Once you’re successful in choosing the right style of jeans, it’s time to coordinate it with a nice pair of shoes. Now, there are multiple things that come to mind, which include the color and style of the shoes that go perfectly with your jeans. Well, creating an all-around combination is not always a piece of cake. While jeans may conjure up images of cool, casual dressing, they may also be sophisticated and add the ideal twist by transforming a formal silhouette into a casual one.

From loafers to boat shoes, sandals to sneakers, and ankle boots to formals, we’re here to uplift your jeans game surprisingly without rearranging your closet.  Check out our list of the best jean and shoe combinations for each season to simplify your life and save you time.

Boat Shoes and Leather Sandals

There is no need to own a sailboat to wear boat shoes or slip-on shoes. Whether you’re going to the office or having a brunch date, the fusion of jeans and slip-ons would definitely create a head-turning effect. Pair your strappy leather sandals with white ripped jeans to elevate your summer look.

Leather Sandals For Men

Finish off your look with a light linen shirt and a straw hat. This look makes an ideal summer style if you are heading to the seaside or a lake.

Loafers For Men

For a smart-casual appearance, leather loafers for men are the best option to coordinate with jeans. Whether it’s tasseled, horse-bit, or penny, this classic footwear style is appropriate for creating a redefined yet elegant look. In order to pair them up with jeans, it is recommended to opt for colorful loafers that are bold enough to complement your attire.

Loafers For Men

Achieve a preppy style by pairing your brown loafers with light-blue jeans, an ash-grey crewneck shirt, a brown leather belt, and a navy-blue blazer. This smart-casual look is ideal for evening soirees, intimate gatherings, dinner dates, and festive events.

High-Ankles For Men

A combination that is secure, cozy, and always fashionable! Indeed, the best approach to avoiding any fashion faux pas is to pair jeans with leather ankle boots. Choose timeless straight or rolled-up jeans for an easygoing look, with room in the thighs and calves. Black leather boots are more elegant and perfect for going out, whereas suede shoes will typically give you a city vibe. Finally, choose the classic Chelsea boots for a stylish, laid-back look. These men’s ankle shoes are great for long walks without experiencing any pain.

Men's Sneakers

Sneakers work with jeans every time. This easy-to-wear style can create a win-win look no matter where you’re headed. Leather sneakers are in demand and currently have a prominent place among the must-have shoes in a man's wardrobe. They are at the center of the athleisure and streetwear trends. The key to pulling off this style without going overboard is to strike the appropriate mix between classic apparel and contemporary accessories.

Men's Sneakers

Choose light skinny jeans and white sneakers for a simple outfit. If you're a fashionista, go for chunky sneakers or bootcut jeans with trainers in bright colors.

Formal Shoes

From sleek designs to high-profile outsoles, formal shoes for men are here to add an oomph factor to your jeans. Brogue shoes are ideal for semi-formal occasions since they balance the casual look of jeans. While the most traditional colors are black and brown, textured and colored alternatives will produce a distinctive appearance. Choose classic brogues with wingtips and deeper hues like black or navy blue to coordinate them with jeans.

Formal Shoes

At Glanz, a wide range of footwear designs are available to complement your jeans for a number of occasions, including brunches, lunch dates, evening parties, intimate gatherings, social celebrations, relaxed weekends, hangouts, and running errands. Choose from classic loafers, strappy leather sandals, comfy slippers, modern high-ankles, casual slip-ons, exquisite formals, hi-performance athleisure, and funky sneakers, and upgrade your casual, smart-casual, and semi-formal looks in no time.